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Ecoffee Cup Bamboo Reusable Coffee Cup Kerr & Napier Black 12oz

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Capacity: 340ml | 12oz. Sold Singly

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Make it easy for your customers to go green with the Kerr & Napier Ecoffee Cup. As this travel mug is designed to be sold in your venue and taken away for reuse, it will work to reduce the amount of single-use disposable cups consumed in your business. As such, this reusable cup will help you and your customers send less waste to landfill, save you money on disposables and give your business a more appealing, eco-friendly image. The renewable bamboo fibre material used to make this cup means it is also highly sustainable. Why should we use reusable cups?Us Brits use a shocking 7 million disposable cups A DAY, with 99% of these going directly to landfill. And as plastic cups can take upwards of 500 years to decompose, the impact our collective craving for caffeine can have on the planet is clear to see. This is where reusable cups come in. If just a quarter of us made the switch to a reusable coffee cup, Britain alone would divert 625 million cups a year away from landfill.Are ecoffee cups safe?Ecoffee cups are deemed food safe by the EU, meaning they pose no harm to health if used correctly. Each ecoffee cup is made from a mixture of bamboo fibre – a sustainable, quick-growing alternative to traditional wood – corn starch and small amounts of melamine, a food safe plastic.How long do ecoffee cups last?Ecoffee cups are hardy enough to last for years. Treat them well, and you could personally prevent 365 cups – or more! – a year going to landfill.Can you put an ecoffee cup in the dishwasher?Yes, ecoffee cups are fully dishwasher safe, with the cup, lid and collar all suitable for dishwasher use. Can you use your own cup in a coffee shop?Usually, yes! And most highstreet coffee shops will even give you discount for using your own cup.Where are ecoffee cups made?The bamboo ecoffee cups are made from is sourced from Anji County in Zhejiang Province, China, which houses one of the world’s oldest sustainably managed forests.

Product features

Capacity 340ml | 12oz

Dimensions 105(H) x 83(Ø)mm | 4¼(H)” x 3¼(Ø)”

Material Bamboo Fibre/ Cornstarch & Melamine

Weight 170g

Colour Black

Helps to reduce the consumption of single-use cups

Made with highly renewable and sustainable bamboo fibre

The cup, lid and sleeve are all dishwasher safe

The sleeve and lid are easily recyclable

Boasts a non-drip, resealable lid for safe transportation

Contemporary black colourway will encourage more purchases

Naturally sterile material won’t taint the flavour of your drinks

BPA and phthalate free

Ideal for serving teas, coffees and iced drinks

Great for eco-conscious cafés, coffee shops and universities

Supplied in an informative, neatly presented box

Not microwave safe


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