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Fiesta Green Compostable Plain Pizza Boxes 9″ (Pack of 100)

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Need practical and sustainable food-to-go packaging? Then these Fiesta Green compostable plain 9″ pizza boxes are the perfect choice for you. As they’re made from recycled paper and natural fibres, these pizza boxes can be commercially composted along with food waste after use. So you and your customers can divert waste away from landfill and into more sustainable disposal streams. These renewable materials make the 9″ pizza boxes kinder to the planet’s natural resources too. So even if you can’t compost them, switching to these pizza boxes will still help to reduce your impact on the environment!A corrugated construction and tight opening-tab design make the pizza boxes strong and great at reducing heat flow. This will help to keep your pizzas protected from knocks and hotter for longer when delivered to customers. And thanks to the simple push-and-tuck design, the boxes can be put together in no time – so you’ll never be running low on packaging during those busy services.Are These Boxes Recyclable?Yes, as long as they’re not heavily contaminated, these boxes can be recycled where the correct facilities exist. However, if they’re covered in food waste, oil or grease, the boxes shouldn’t be sent for recycling as these types of soiling can contaminate the process.

Product features

Dimensions 45(H) x 237(W) x 237(D)mm

Material Cardboard

Weight 82.3g

Colour Kraft

Recycled paper and natural fibre materials are kinder to Earth’s natural resources

The natural fibres are from FSC-certified sources for added sustainability

Can be commercially composted for more sustainable waste disposal

BS EN 13432 accreditation means the boxes will commercially compost in 12 weeks

The boxes can even be recycled if free from soiling

Strong corrugated construction keeps pizzas protected

Small opening-tab design keeps pizzas hotter for longer

Breathable material keeps pizzas deliciously crispy

Simple push-and-tuck design makes for easy assembly

Plain design is perfect for labelling with your own branding

Made in the UK

For 9″ pizzas and smaller


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